Auto Body Paint Shop

Easy & Affordable Paint Services

Paint makes a car look ravishing which is important to the car buyers as the paint articulates a car’s value. Paint is the protective coating for a car which insulates a car’s value. We offer excellent car painting services at affordable price which can give your property value and does not stress you in case of price matter.


Cosmetic Car Repairs

We are known for the reason that we provide more reliable services than just washing and cleaning your car. We are well expertised in numerous cosmetic car repairing services such as bumper repair, decal removal, interior repair, headlight restoration, paint repair, door ding repair, wheel rim repair, windshield repair and many more.

Insurance Claims/Direct Repair Program

Claiming insurance for a damaged car is always a burden-some task. We can be your best partner for assisting you to make your insurance claiming process smooth and in within the least possible time and also be with until you get your claim. If your car has an accident and your insurance company recommends you to have a direct repair program(DRP) and offer you to use the generic auto parts for repairing your damaged car, A2Z is the best place.


Paintless Dent Repair

Our paintless dent repairing (paintless dent removal) services can make the body of your car free from minor as well as major dents. Our technicians use excellent PDR techniques to repair a wide range of damage as long as the paint is intact. Our PDR services can be applied both on aluminum and steel panels. PDR includes hail damage, door dings, minor creases, large dents and bodyline damages.

Spray Bed Lining

We have top-quality spray bed liner to give excellent auto bed lining service. Whether be it bus, truck or a small car, our spray bed lining services make you auto bed protected. Our top-quality bed liner installation assists customers to create a permanent, watertight layer of protection from the harmful elements and possible scratches.


Windshield Repair

Our windshield repairing services liberate you from the problem of broken or scratched windshield. Our technicians are expertized in repairing modern windshields made of laminated safety glass. We always recommend to repair a cracked chip of a windshield instead of replacing. Windshield repairing is a specialized job and we have experienced specialists.

Fleet Industrial Services

To keep your fleet vehicles looking pristine is necessary as the reputation of your business should not be damaged. Our fleet industrial services will have your vehicles back on road on time. Whether you manage a fleet of more than 50 vehicles or less than 10 vehicles, we can be your best partner for fleet industrial service. We assure you that your vehicles will safely be returned on the road while they will be professional and responsible.